Friday, 3 January 2014

FATTER Again!!


Yep the Xmas period has taken it's toll and I've ballooned up to 100kg. This was caused by a complete lack of exercise, lazing about in bed in the mornings and eating and drinking like a pig. So no excuses whatsoever, although now I'm a man on a mission! The fridge has been cleared of crap and I'm going to knock the evening beers on the head and dive into some decent training. I'm going to get some scaffold poles so that I can put my heavy bag in the garden and that means I can get plenty of cardio either on the spinning bike or on the bag. I'll start by doing 2 lots of 30 minutes cardio, one in the morning and one in the evening plus some weights, etc. I'm going to smash my way back down to 95.0kg and then continue to post some pics every time I lose an additional 1kg.

So see you all when I'm 95.0kg ....


I'm smashing into the diet and I'm fucking starving! I must like torturing myself as I spent all of last night watching Man v Food on the TV and now I'm sitting here watching YouTube videos of how to make curries !!! Here's an example ...

It's 19:11 and I just typed the above paragraph and I though fuck it, weighed myself, 96.6kg WOW, so jumped on the bike for another 10 minutes. I must have been carrying a lot of fluid from my New Year binge when I weighed myself on 03/01!