Sunday, 1 March 2015

March On to a Ripped Physique

If only it was that easy eh?

I came across this fantastic quote which kind of sums it all up really ...

For me the pain of discipline relates directly to my diet. I occasionally watch these 'Biggest Loser' programs or 'Obese: A Year To Save My Life' while I'm pedalling on my spinning bike in the evening and I'm often shouting 'well eat less you fat bastard' at the screen. Now over the last few months I've fallen into the trap of training well, dieting well and then succumbing to a binge session that leads to my weight going back up!

Now it all comes down to two things: having a clear goal and being disciplined. My current goal is clear ... to get down to 80kg by the end of May. My discipline however has been somewhat wank. Now like all weak-willed fat bastards I have a list of excuses like the fact that my daughter keeps all sort of crap food in the cupboard and fridge for when my grandchildren stay. So fucking what! Just don't eat it Dave you fat bastard!

So bollox if I don't achieve my goal I'm must be some sort of cunt who has no ambition, drive or self-control. I'll be unable to cycle up the short steep hill near Reculver (it does continue up a bit further and it is fucking steep!) ...

... the next time that I go to the coast and I'll be sitting outside The Belgian cafe in the sunshine with my flabby gut hanging over my shorts!

The alarm is set for 06:30 and I'm going to get my fat, lazy ass out of bed before sunrise each morning! 


Up at 06:30 as promised and straight down to the gym!

Morning session - 30 minutes heavy bag

Evening session - 30 minutes bike
08:00: protein shake & water
11:00: home made vegetable soup
14:30: home made vegetable soup
17:45: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast (tasted fucking gorgeous)
19:45: protein shake & milk


Morning session - 30 minutes bike

Evening session - 30 minutes bike

02:00: home made vegetable soup & 1 slice of bread
13:00: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast
17:00: home made vegetable soup & 1 slice of toast
21:00: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast

Strangely enough I didn't feel particularly hungry this morning. I trained on the bike at home in the morning and then went shopping. This took me ages so I didn't really get time to sit down and eat something until 13:00 .... and that's better than jumping out of bed at 10:00 and munching my way through pots of jam, chocolate spread and loaves of bread!


Daily press-ups - 160

Evening session - 30 minutes bike

My third day of getting out of bed at 06:30! The sauna at my gym is still out of action so I decided to swap my morning session with sets of 10 press-ups throughout the day.

02:00: protein shake & porridge
08:30: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast
13:45: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast
20:30: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast
23:30: protein shake & porridge

My grandson comes to visit for a few days each week and he loves his mini-donuts so yesterday I bought some and they have been sitting in my fridge. They have called me once or twice but I'm resisting the urge. I'm already craving for food like toast and chocolate spread/jam, cakes, etc but my willpower is strong!


03:00: porridge
07:30: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast
12:30: home made vegetable soup & 1 slice of bread
15:00: tin of tuna & 1 slice of toast
19:00: bottle of Hoegaarden


Weight 95.8kg/ Bodyfat Percentage 33.2%


Weight 94.5kg/ Bodyfat Percentage 32.1%


Weight 94.2kg/ Bodyfat Percentage 32.3%


Weight 93.3kg/ Bodyfat Percentage 31.4%



Weight 88.8kg/ Bodyfat Percentage 28.3%


Weight 88.5kg/ Bodyfat Percentage 28.2%