Monday, 9 September 2013

FAT Again!

Day 1 - 09/09


OK. I'm sitting here weighing-in at just under 100kg and I've decided that I need to sort my life out and stop being a lazy fat bastard!

I have a job, like many others no doubt, that allows me to sit at a desk all day and do fuck-all exercise. I also work from home, which means that I'm never more than 10 seconds away from the fridge.

I did realise earlier this year how fat and lazy I had become, so I set a challenge to get down from over 100kg to sub 90kg. This I did achieve over a few months through exercise and diet and I was starting to get into shape. However, as soon as I hit sub 90kg and the Summer arrived I moved back into 'lazy fat fucker' mode and added copious amounts of beer to my diet which has seen my weight balloon back up to almost 100kg ... DOH.

Now I've always been involved in sports such as running, football, swimming and weight training, so I understand different types of training. I also competed in a couple of natural bodybuilding competitions way back when I was much younger, so I also know quite a bit about diet.

In hindsight my previous challenge was probably not demanding enough. I was fat at 100kg and in pretty good shape at 90kg, but now I want to be ripped! I mean bodybuilder style shredded with a very low body fat percentage and an ultra-defined physique. Judging by my previous effort I probably need to get closer to 80kg to achieve this look ..... in fact 80kg will by my goal.

Therefore my aim will be to move from a lard-arse 98.3kg to a 6-packed 80kg in a period of 20 weeks. Losing 1kg per week should be fine, but I fully expect that it will get a lot harder after I have dipped below 90g as my body fat will naturally be lower and the step from 85kg to 80kg will be pretty tough. Now my 52nd birthday is on January 14th and that's roughly 20 weeks away .... so that is the goal!

I'm feeling like a sack of shite today as the missus has give me her cold and sore throat. The weather has suddenly changed from 29 degrees last week to 13 degrees today so that hasn't helped things either. I doubt if I'll train today, but I'll definitely be avoiding the beer/biscuits/cakes/bacon/sausages etc.

Day 3 - 11/09

OK. I've been unable to train due to having this cold but I might try and jump on the spin bike this evening for an easy 20 minutes if I'm feeling better.

So here's how I look today:

 Kinda looking a bit serious eh? I'll try and put a smile on my face for the next set of pics.

And a side pose:

What a handsome chap!

So the type of physique that I'm aiming for is probably something kinda like this maybe?

Day 6 - 14/09

Finally feeling well enough to start training. It was my grandaughters birthday on the 12th so I treated myself to a small slice of cake with my cuppa this morning and then jumped on the spinning bike for an easy 20 minute session.

Day 8 - 16/09


I've gradually eased myself back into a training regime including the spinning bike, barbell curls and some press-ups. Have also started a low carb diet and I've only really eaten tuna and salad over the last couple of days and a bit of lamb yesterday.

Stretching - I've never really persevered with stretching, apart from my very early days of dabbling with a bit of karate, and this means that I'm stiff as a board. So I've decided to add a bit of stretching to my daily routine and I would imagine that my flexibility is going to improve greatly as this is as far as I can go at the moment ... (pic to follow)

Day 15 - 23/09


OK. I've started to gradually up the training and did 30 minutes on the spinning bike this morning. I normally choose an average type of resistance and tempo, unlike a true spinning session, and for this morning's session every 5 minutes I increased the resistance and cycled out of the saddle for as long as possible. You get a good pump in the quads and I usually count the number of revolutions that I can manage before having to sit back down again. During this morning's session I managed 100 revolutions for maybe 2 or 3 of the sets, so the next time I do this type of spin session I'll aim for 110+.

I'm going to train and diet quite hard this week so should be sub 95kg by Day 20.


  1. Hi Dave,
    Dieting in the summer months I have found to be near impossible. The summer evenings call for a few cold ones in beer gardens, kids being off school mean all routine is out of the window. Last New Year I was 95kg and got down to 84kg by the beginning of the summer. Over the past three months 4.5kg have gone on through very little exercise and copius amounts of cider.
    My wife recently bought me a FitBit and it's time I put that to use. So, my target 12.5 stone...just about what you are aiming to achieve.

    So, my very best wishes for you in's going to be a hard winter! For the both of us!



  2. Hi Dean

    Yep beer is my main weakness in the summer!

    95kg down to 84kg is a brilliant effort. Now that it's getting colder it's easier to stay off the beer!

    Just looked at that FitBit online (never heard of it before) and it looks like a nice piece of kit. Which one do you have?

    I've also been taking a quick peek at your blog (it's great to read like-minded blogs) and you're consistency is great, which as we all know is the hard part, so here's hoping that we both end up rich, lean and mean!

    Cheers - Dave

  3. Alright Dave love reading both Blogs, i like the pose of your back to us it looks like your tensing up for a shite.

    I wont Hijack this Blog about trading but things look like they are improving for you.I am going to have a blast myself over winter, so might be asking for abit of advice.