Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Summer is Here!


Not too sure what my weight is at the moment. I'm possibly sub 94.0kg but I'll check tomorrow.

I have adjusted my scaffold for my heavy bag as it was a bit too low and it seems to be just about right now. I've probably had 3 sessions on it this week in between 30 minute sessions on the spinning bike and my diet has been good. I started by doing 30 minutes stints on the bag but upped that to 35 minutes this morning and felt like my arms were about to drop off!


I was up mega early this morning, 05:45 to be precise. I did 30 minutes on the bike and then some manual work in the garden. It's 13:35 now and I'm fucked!!



Up at 06:21, jumped on the bike for 30 minutes, had a nice hot soak in the bath and then weighed-in at 93.4kg so well happy.


Had a great 40 minutes session of boxing on the heavy bag in the morning and then jumped on the bike in the eveniong for a 30 minutes spin


Put the bag up and did 30 minutes in the morning followed by 30 minutes on the bike in the evening.


Did 20 minutes on the bike, took a nice hot bath and then weighed-in at 93.4kg! It looks like I'm going to have to lower my carb intake to practically zero for the next 2 weeks in order to go under 90kg by the end of March



Trained well yesterday and threw in some simple calisthenics to spice things up a bit. Diet was super strict ... tuna, chicken, broccoil and hardly any carbs.

Stumbled across this guy while looking a fitness stuff ...

Morning workout was 30 minutes on the heavy bag.


Routine: chest and triceps

I have trained the last couple of days but my last update was lost (think I switched the PC off before I saved it).

Joined my local gym this morning and had my first workout with weights for quite some time ... and everything felt super heavy! I'm looking to ease my way back into things over the next couple of weeks and I should be quite defined by the end of April ....especially as my diet means that I'm now sitting here eating boiled chicken and an egg white ... oh yummy.


Routine: calves and quads

Hit the gym again this morning. Did a nice warm-up on the heavy bag and then eased my way into some light calf and quadriceps exercises. They have a hack squat free-weight machine there ...

... and I know that these differ slightly in angle etc but back in the old days at my peak I could hack squat 280kg (7 * 20kg plates each side) ..... this morning I did 1 plate each side! Finished with 15 minutes in the sauna.


Routine: back and abs

06:02 Up and out of bed and made it to the gym well early this morning. Did another 30 minute warm-up on the heavy bag and then trained back (mostly chin-ups on the bar) and abs (leg raises), followed by a total of 20 minutes in the sauna and then back home for some lovely boiled chicken .... oh yummy!



Routine: hamstrings and abs

Hit the gym again and did another 30 minute warm-up on the heavy bag. Followed this with some hamstring exercises and a few ab exercises and then spent 30 minutes in and out of the sauna (mostly in).



Was on on the piss last night, and even had a Big Mac!!, and got home just before 02:00, so didn't feel up to going to the gym today.


Routine: chest and triceps

Back to the gym again this morning. Only managed 20 minutes of light work on the heavy bag as I felt like crap. I then did some incline bench press on the Smith machine (maxed out at 50kg), dumbell bench press (maxed out using 22lb dumbells), dips, triceps extensions and didn't feel too bad once I had finished. Obviously the weight that I am using is well below what I have done in the past (100kg+ bench, 100lb+ dumbells) but it's only my first week back and I'm also a lot older!. Spent some time in the sauna, come home and went to bed!

I haven't had a shoulder workout yet, but I'm finding that my shoulders are pretty much taken care of when I do the boxing.


Routine: quads and abs

Sunday morning and back down the gym. Did some more hack squats, lunges and leg extensions and totally fried my quads. Finished with 20 minutes in the sauna.


Routine: back and calves

Struggled out of bed and down to the gym this morning. I've decided to up my cardio slightly and drop my food intake in order to get to sub 90kg by the end of the month. My diet has consisted of tuna, boiled chicken, broccoli and the occasional slice of bread or small bowl of cereal. I'll try and drop the carbs completely and also slightly drop my protein intake.

So this morning I did 35 minutes on the heavy bag as a warm-up and then did some wide grip pull downs, reverse grip pulldowns, seated rows, upright rows and then some calf raises. I finished with 20 minutes in and out of the sauna and felt knackered, so tomoorrow might be a rest day.



Routine: hamstrings

I was just SO knackered last night that I went to bed at 19:30. Got back up at maybe 22:00 and then went back to bed at 01:00.

Felt OK this morning so hit the gym again. Did 30 minutes on the heavy bag mixed and my punch speed, footwork and head movement is already improving quite a bit. Also did some leg stretches (I really do need to focus on stretching as my flexibility is non-existant).

Hamstrings today so did some bent leg deadlift type exercises with light dumbells. I stand on an aerobics step platform and stretch down as if I'm touching my toes, hang loosely and then come up again about 3/4 of the way just by squeezing the hamstrings, it's a good one! I then did some normal lying hamstring curls. In the changing room I could hardly lift my legs when seated to take my socks off! Finished with 10 minutes in the sauna.

Paid a visit to Asda to buy some chicken, tuna and more broccoli and just finished some tuna and broccoli .... yummy.

I'll jump on the scales in the morning to see where I'm at ....



Jumped into a nice hot bath this morning and then onto the scales .... 90.9kg so well happy. That's a loss of almost 10kg since the start of the year

I'm going to have a rest day today and then smash into it again on Thursday.


Routine: quads and abs

Yep, back down to the gym this morning. Did some hack squats (max 60kg), lunges, leg extensions and some out of the seat work on the bike at maximum resistance. Finished with some crunches and 30 minutes in the sauna. My body is finally starting to take some sort of defined shape and I reckon that if I can continue with the same effort and keep to my diet then by the end of April I should be on my way to being ripped!


Routine: arms

Hit the gym again this morning and worked arms. This consisted of a 30 minute warm-up on the heavy bag followed by dips (max 10), barbell curls, tricep push-downs, narrow grip lat pulldowns, preacher curls and some exercises for my forearms (just hanging from a bar for as long as possible for 4 sets). Jumped in the sauna for 30 minutes and hey presto.

I think that my arms are possibly lagging behind the rest of my body, so in April I might blitz my arms as often as possible to see if I get get any gains.

PS Might even chance a home-made chicken curry tonight as I'm quite confident of reaching sub 90kg by 01/04.


Routine: calves and hamstrings

Saturday morning and back down to the gym. Had a quick warm-up on the bike and then did quite a few sets of calf raises followed by hamstring curls and dumbell hamstring raises, all finished off with 15 minutes in the sauna.


Routine: abs

Sunday morning, clocks forward and back down the gym. Heavy bag for 30 minutes followed by leg raises, crunches, 15 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes in the sauna. Now knackered ....



Felt knackered this morning so skipped the gym and stayed in bed. Did 30 minutes on the spinning bike when I eventually crawled out of bed. I'll jump on the scales tomorrow and take a few pics and then set some sort of schedule and target for April.

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