Sunday, 27 April 2014

3 Days of Fat Burning


87.2kg / Bodyfat 27.2%

OK I'm off to the coast for a couple of days from 01/05 so I'm going to have the best part of 4 days to train hard, eat clean, and see how much weight and bodyfat I can lose before I smash into the beers on 01/04. I'm going to cut out pretty much ALL carbs. My weight has actually increased slightly over the last few days and that is down to eating too much muesli and porridge. So for the next 72 hours it's going to be boiled chicken, tuna in water and protein shakes ... yummy!

Morning session : quads & cardio - 30 minutes heavy bag including 4 * 25 bodyweight squats / 4 * lunges / 6 * leg extensions / 4 * hack squat / 15 minutes heavy bag / 30 minutes sauna

Daily press-ups :210

I had a great morning workout and my shoulders feel fried from the heavy bag workout. I was watching Vladimir Klitschko last night and noticed how he plants himself on his front foot when he jabs and throws that straight right. I tried this and my punches were much stronger and I felt as though I was really smashing the fuck out of the bag.

07:30: protein shake
11:00: protein shake
13:30: boiled chicken & 1 egg white
16:45: protein shake
19:15: tuna in water & boiled carrot/broccoli/sweetcorn
21:00: protein shake

I'm going to try and do as many press-ups during the day today, probably 10 at a time and this will burn calories and mean that I don't have to jump on the bike tonight, which is good as my legs are fucked after this mornings workout


86.4kg / Bodyfat 26.3%

Morning routine : calves & abs - 30 minutes heavy bag / 12 * calf raises / 6 * hanging leg raises / 4 * crunches / 4 * leg raises & planks superset / 15 minutes sauna

Daily press-ups :100

Felt quite drained this morning, which is a good sign, and it took me a good 10 minutes to really get going on the heavy bag. My power had really dropped, due to the lack of carbs, although the session was a good one and I could only manage 15 minutes in the sauna before I felt completely fucked.

Shot to Asda to get some more chicken and tuna and then weighed-in at my best figures yet. If I persevere for today and tomorrow then I should easily get under 86.0kg and sub 26% bodyfat.

00:00: protein shake
04:00: protein shake
07:30: protein shake
09:30: protein shake
12:30: boiled chicken & runner beans
16:30: tuna & broccoli
19:30: protein shake
22:30: protein shake


86.4kg / Bodyfat 25.8%

Morning routine : calves & abs - 20 minutes heavy bag / 4 * barbell curls / 4 * tricep extensions / 4 * concentration curls & close grip press ups superset / 4 * overhead tricep rope extensions / 4 * hangs / 4 * tricep rope extensions / 20 minutes sauna

Evening routine : 40 minutes bike

My bodyweight stayed the same but my fat percentage dropped, which is exactly what I want, so good stuff.

00:00: boiled chicken & runner beans
04:00: protein shake
07:00: protein shake
09:00: protein shake
14:30: tuna & 1 cracker
18:00: boiled chicken & 2 egg whites
20:30: protein shake

I'm sat here eating my boiled chicken and egg whites and dreaming about the Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin that I'm going to absolutely destroy in approximately 36 hours time. If I'm really hungry then I might even have 2, and at 565 calories per muffin that's a fucking huge slab of fat that will go straight to my belly! It's a ritual that I have when I head for the coast. I partake of my local MacDonalds for some good old tasty greasy food before we hit the road and this acts as a great sponge for all of the beers that we consume once we get to the coast.

I'll make sure sure to keep a record of exactly what I eat and drink over and it'll be interesting so see exactly how much weight I will put on over a course of 2 days of binge eating and drinking. I'd guess that I'd balloon to 90kg maybe, but even if I did then I'd guess that I should be back to 96.0kg by the 07/05 at the latest, then it's onwards to sub 93.0kg by the end of May?


85.6kg / Bodyfat 25.8%

Morning routine : calves & abs - 10 minutes rower / 5 * seated dumbell shoulder press / 4 * lateral raises / 4 * seated rear delt rows / 5 minutes continual gloveless punching heavy bag / 4 * calf raises / 4 * straight leg raises / 35 minutes sauna

Evening routine : 10 minutes bike

Weighed-in at 85.6kg so target achieved and I'm well happy. I'm thinking that a steady 80kg would be a good target weight, so I will see how much I weigh after my 2 days down on the coast and then set the end of May goal which I would imagine will be around the 83.0kg mark maybe?

04:00: protein shake
09:30: protein shake
12:00: boiled chicken & 1 egg white & 1 slice of toast
14:00: protein shake & 1 banana & muesli
17:00: tuna & 1 egg white & slice of toast

A few little treats slipped into my diet today, including a couple of chocolate biscuits and a few small alphabet waffles ... and oh they tasted So nice!!


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