Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fat Bastard!


89.1kg / Bodyfat 28.1%

Morning routine : back - 30 minutes heavy bag / 4 * wide grip chin ups / 4 * reverse grip chin ups / 4 * seated rows / 30 minutes sauna

Evening routine : 65 minutes bike

Well I was back to the the gym after a 6 day break and there were both positives and negatives. I started with a 30 minute session on the heavy bag and I felt sharp and full of power. However, when I moved on to do sone chin-ups I felt like a right fat bastard and realised that I'd probably added quite a few pounds.

So when I got home i jumped on the scales and looked down to see that I had ballooned up to 89.1kg! Now I'm not particularly surprised. I didn't put on too much weight during my couple of days down on the coast despite drinking over 20 pints of lager and consuming numerous burgers and chips, but the subsequent 3 days of eating shit (following my hangover day where I felt rough as a badgers ass) definitely didn't help. Over those 3 days I indulged in:

  • cheese omelettes
  • jam & chocolate spread
  • loads of bread
  • loads & loads of sugary cereal
  • chocolate

Now all of this was on top of my usual protein shakes and tuna, so it's no wonder that I piled on the pounds.

So this morning I dragged myself out of bed and hit the gym.

I don't feel particularly hungry at the moment so I should see the first kilo disappear quite quickly. I need to punish myself for being a naughty boy so I'm going to smash into the cardio in order to get back down to sub 96.0kg as quickly as possible. If I work hard then I think that I could reach this by 17/05. This then means that I should be able to hit sub 94.0kg by the end of May. Ideally I wanted to be sub 93.0kg but we'll just have to see how it goes.

09:00: protein shake
14:15: 1/2 portion of tuna
18:15: tuna
23:00: protein shake


87.7kg / Bodyfat 27.1%

Morning routine : chest - 30 minutes heavy bag / 4 * incline dumbell bench press / 4 * pec dec / 4 * seated machine bench press / 30 minutes sauna

Evening routine : 40 minutes bike

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm getting myself in shape for the end of May as that'll be just in time for the 82 degree heatwave that we're going to have according to some prick writing for The Mirror. Now I'd love it if that actually happened but what a complete load of bollox eh?

01:00: protein shake & cereal
04:00: protein shake
07:15: protein shake
09:00: protein shake
11:45: tuna & broccoli
15:45: tuna & 1 cracker
19:00: protein shake & 1 banana
21:30: tuna & runner beans & broccoli
23:00: cereal


87.2kg / Bodyfat 26.7%

Morning routine : calves - 30 minutes bike / 12 * calf raises / 30 minutes bike / 30 minutes sauna

Evening routine : 30 minutes bike

04:00: cereal
09:30: protein shake
11:15: tuna & runner beans
14:45: protein shake & 1 banana
17:30: boiled chicken & 2 egg whites & some chips
21:45: tuna


Morning routine : calves - 35 minutes sauna

I didn't have time to train this morning as I had things to do, but I squeezed in 35 minutes in the sauna.

00:00: protein shake & 1 banana & cereal
04:00: protein shake & cereal
11:30: boiled chicken & 2 egg whites
14:30: tuna & 3 crackers
18:30: protein shake & cereal & 1 banana

I've been eating way too many carbs in the form of sugary cereals and porridge and today I also had a small amount of pizza and a few chips. So now I'm going to have a four day purge to get back to under 96.0kg.

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