Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fatter or Thinner?


88.8kg / Bodyfat 27.8%

Morning routine : back - 30 minutes heavy bag / 4 * wide grip chins / 4 * reverse grip chins / 4 * seated lat pulldowns / 4 * seated rows / 5 minutes gloveless bag / 30 minutes sauna

Had my first day back at the gym for just over a week and boy did I need it!

As mentioned previously we had popped down to the coast last weekend and indulged, as we do, in many beers and loads of munch. Unfortunately I carried on eating upon my return and munched my way through several burgers, loaves of bread, cereal, home made bread pudding, fish fingers, biscuits, Friji milkshakes, cakes, chunky kit-kats, bars of white chocolate, tuna ... you name it I ate it! In fact as the week progressed I just became hungrier and hungrier!

So enough was enough and now I'm back on my gym and diet routine. I got to the gym at about 07:30 and had a good workout on the heavy bag followed by a back routine and then 30 minutes on and off in the sauna.

Last week I piled on about 4kg so I'd like to think that I can shed this over the next few days and get back to 84.0kg by 08/06. It might be a big ask, but if I managed to put it on in 8 days then surely I can get it back off in the same amount of time? I'll try hard ...


87.2kg / Bodyfat 26.6%

Morning routine : back - 15 minutes heavy bag / 4 * crunches / 10 * calf raises / 15 minutes bike / 4 * straight leg raises / 4 * leg raises / 15 minutes sauna

Evening routine : 27 minutes bike

Food : protein shakes / tuna / 

I REALLY do need to get down to 80kg so I'm going to work and diet like a motherfucker for the next few weeks to see how far I can get by the end of June.


86.6kg / Bodyfat 26.4%


Morning routine : back - 45 minutes heavy bag / 6 * barbell curls / 30 minutes sauna

It's got to that stage of the year when I normally give up on the gym and start eating like a pig and most importantly drinking alcohol like a fish. I've had a few days away from the gym and back on making and eating curries, but now I really must knuckle down and get sharp for the summer months.


89.1kg / Bodyfat 28.3%


86.7kg / Bodyfat 26.5%

OK yesterday I got back on the training and diet with a vengeance. NO carbs, two sesssions of training and 250 press-ups during the day. NO late night snacks. Back to the gym this morning and then weighed in 2.4kg lighter than yesterday ... let's fucking have it!!


85.9kg / Bodyfat 25.8%


85.1kg / Bodyfat 25.5%

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