Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Battle Continues


It's now reached that time of the year where it's compulsory to go and get shit faced every time the sun comes out.

I think that I've done well to stay below 90kg for quite a while now and I've dipped under 85.0kg once or twice. However, this achievement always seems to co-incide with a spell of good weather, and each time I've decided to hit the coast and this obviously sees my weight go back up a few kilos. My recent trip to Ramsgate/Whitstable/Herne Bay/etc and subsequent few days of munching my way through anything edible in the house saw me nearly break through the 90.0kg barrier (in the wrong direction).

Now in the past few years my target was always sub 90.0kg, and therefore anytime that I took my foot off the gas, for drinking and munching, I'd always end up back at a steady 95.0kg, and then when I let things slip completely I'd be back up over the dreaded 100kg mark.

Now in terms of weather the next few weeks usually give us some spells of some lovely hot sunshine and present the opportunity to fuck off back to the coast and sit in the sun. The mid term forecast is for some nice weather to arrive in a couple of weeks time, so therefore I'm smashing the gym and strict diet again in order to get as far under 85.0kg as possible. If I can get a good couple of weeeks under my belt before I get lured by the sun and alcohol then I reckon that I can hit sub 83.0kg by 10/07.


86.0kg / Bodyfat 25.4%

Well I hit my lowest ever bodyfat percentage so that's a great incentive to get it down below 24% and then keep going! I've probably got another week or so of training before my next visit to the coast so I should be able to hit sub 84.0kg before my next beerfest.


85.2kg / Bodyfat 25.0%


89.1kg / Bodyfat 27.5%

Well the sun decided to make an appearance so I abandoned the gym and my diet and smashed into the Hoegaarden!

After at least a couple of weeks of laziness I dragged my sorry arse out of bed this morning and once again journeyed to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the heavy bag and 15 minutes in the sauna. I actually didn't feel too bad at all but was expecting to be around the 92.0kg mark when I stepped onto the scales, so I was well happy with 89.1kg.

I'm going to blitz it over the next week so I should be down to 85.0kg by 06/08.

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